Why Choose MB Toys

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Mark Bergin Toys offers some of the highest quality Vintage / Antique Toys on the market, with many rare examples that rarely surface.

All the Toys on the MB Toys have been personally inspected by Mark Bergin for authenticity and correctness.

Most all the Toys for sale on the MB Toys are in Near Mint to Mint condition and most have their Original Boxes.

All Toys on the MB Toys website are Vintage / Antique Originals, NO reproductions are sold on this website.

All flaws with any particular item are openly disclosed as honesty is of the upmost importance at MB Toys.

All items purchased from MB Toys are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

MB Toys ships worldwide, all items are expertly packed, using all new shipping materials and double core boxes.


MB Toys specializes in only vintage Toys and Mark Bergin is considered internationally a leading expert in the field.

Dealing in one specific area for over 35 years allows MB Toys to give the Consignor and Seller access to a knowledge, expertise, and exclusive client base that optimizes your profits on one piece or an entire collection.

MB Toys commission rates are nearly unbeatable. While most dealers and auction houses charge 15% to 25% to the consignor with an additional 22% to 28% buyer’s premium to the purchaser totaling a staggering 37% to 53% fee. MB Toys commission rate is a flat 20%, this equates to what is up to 33% less in commission which means up to 33% more profit for you, the Consignor!

Additionally, unlike an auction you (the Consignor or Seller) has the control of the selling price of your items which I will personally help you determine an accurate and HONEST assessment.

MB Toys has a large exclusive client base with the most active collectors worldwide paying premium prices for premium Toys.

The combination of low commissions, honest expert evaluation, professional presentation, and your control over the selling price of your Toys assures you the optimum sales price for your Toys.

MB Toys offers cash advance on one piece or an entire collection.

With access to a 35 year accumulated exclusive client base with the most active collectors worldwide paying premium prices for premium Toys makes it’s possible for MB Toys to pay beyond what most dealers and collectors are willing to pay for your Toys.

We accurately determine the current market value on all toys, no matter their age or condition based on current international sales records. We are comprehensive and precise in all our disclosures. We will explain all of your selling options (Ebay, Auctions, Private Sales, Collectors, Dealers) and show you why selling to us is in your best interest.

Toys are both a financial and sentimental investment and whether you are looking to sell your Toys/Collection for personal gain, insurance, estate or inheritance, divorce, or any other reason please start and end with the most ethical Toy Dealers in the business, MB Toys for an excellent appraisal experience. At the end of the appraisal process, you will receive a detailed explanation on each item and current expected values. We look forward to working with you to purchase your item or facilitate the selling of your item.

MB TOYS is interested in purchasing your Antique Toys and will pay Top Dollar for your items.

There is no better place to sell your Antique Toys than MB Toys!

Email us with Toys that you are interested in selling with pictures and we will give you an honest, fair and reputable appraisal for your toys, guiding you through the selling process!

We Welcome all Inquiries for Purchasing, Selling, Consignment, and Appraisals

If your files are too large, please email your photos directly to mbergin@bergintoys.com