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Purchasing – To confirm a purchase from your Price Request please email or call to confirm the item or items are still available and form of payment method that best works for you.

Shipping Worldwide – MB Toys offers professional International packing & shipping. All toys are professionally packed to prevent damage to toys and original toy boxes – 100% fully insured. MB Toys has extensive experience shipping to/from Asia and Europe. Shipping cost will be added to your Purchase Price after you confirm your order from the Price Request.

Consignments – MB Toys is proud to offer you a professional source to offer the consignments of your individual/collection of toys! Please contact MB Toys for additional information on numerous reasons consigning your toys with MB Toys is the BEST choice for you!

Appraisals – MB Toys also offers professional appraisals of individual or collections of toys! Please contact MB Toys for additional information on having an appraisal of your toys!