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How to Price Inquiry and Purchase

How to Price Inquiry & Purchase:

1. Place items into your “Price Request” by selecting “Add To Price Request”.   Add To Price Request   (add as many as you want)
2. After completing your list for pricing go to “View Price Request”.   View Price Request
3. Fill out additional information (Name, Address, Email and any notes you wish to add) and select “Send Request for Pricing”.   Send Request For Pricing
4. You have now sent MB Toys your list of items you wish to have priced and MB Toys will email you back prices and availability for each item shortly
5. Once you receive the reply from MB Toys with prices and availability, Email back to Purchase/Buy or Reserve/Hold.
6. MB Toys will confirm Purchase/Buy or Reserve/Hold by email. This is when you are committing to purchase.

If you would like to contact MB Toys directly at any time for pricing, purchase, questions, comments, please email mbergin@bergintoys.com or call directly to speak to Mark 603-924-2079 or Council 603-986-0168


1. MB Toys accepts all forms of payment.
2. Additional Credit Card or PayPal fees will be added to Purchase/Shipping Price.
3. Email or call with how you would like to send payment.


1. All items are professionally packed with quality materials and shipped by USPS Worldwide/International
2. Determine cost that works for you, ask for options and quotes on shipping.